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We've all heard the old cliché, "There's no 'I' in 'team'." This may be an effective philosophy in sports; however, when applied to the workplace dynamic, it's dead wrong. The most significant difference between a football team and a workplace team is that the football players want to be working together. This is simply not the case in the workplace.

Most of us work because we have to, not because we want to. We work so that we will have the money and the resources to live our lives, and hopefully pursue the things that really matter to us as individuals. There is rarely a shared vision or common objective among co-workers.

Teams are made up of individuals. If you want to build and motivate a team, you first have to understand what motivates the individual members of the team.

In order to build successful and productive teams, you have to begin by understanding and motivating the "I" in "team."

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Secrets of Successful Team Building.

Here's a small sample of what your team will learn in this powerful workshop…

Understanding the "I" in "Team"

Teams are a subset of our Professional Relationships. Our Professional Relationships are, in turn, a subset of Human Relationships. Before we can begin to understand Human Relationships, we first have to understand the importance of the "I" in "Team."

  • Meet the ego and learn how to master it.
  • Revealed! The true nature of reality, and why it's not nearly as real as you think it is.
  • Master 3 powerful steps that will alter any negative belief, eliminate any destructive behavior pattern, and completely transform your reality.

Understanding Human Relationship Needs: Maslow and Beyond

Building on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we discover that in every relationship we need the same two things: Safety and Validation.

  • Discover the awesome power of the Universal Law of Relationships
  • Discover why the secret of true happiness and amazing relationships is NOT getting what you WANT…

Safety Needs and Safety Checklists

We rarely consider our safety needs in general, let alone in terms of our relationships. We take our safety for granted when we think about it at all. However, our safety needs play a very important role in our lives and in our professional relationships in particular.

  • The 4 things we believe we need in order to feel safe—and why we're completely wrong about one of them!
  • Learn how we create attachments and addictions—and discover how to release them!
  • Discover which of the 4 Safety Languages you speak—and which languages your team members, co-workers and supervisors speak!
  • Use this 3-minute miracle to instantly banish the harmful effects of stress, maintain the balance in your safety account, and take absolute control of your life! (This may be the single most powerful technique you will ever experience!)

Validation Needs and Validation Checklists

Validation needs have to do with defining and supporting our sense of individual identity. Validation needs encompass a wide range of emotions and experiences, all of which are essentially different degrees and expressions of love.

  • Explore the 6 categories of Validation Needs.
  • Master 3 foolproof ways to meet anyone's Validation Needs (including your own)!
  • Discover which of the 4 Validation Languages you speak, and what to do if your team members speak different languages!

Improving Workplace Relationships

Now that you've learned how to meet your own Safety and Validation Needs, it's time to discover how to meet other people's Safety and Validation needs in the workplace.

  • Discover why the typical workplace is a competitive, zero-sum environment, and learn exactly what it is that you and your team are competing for.
  • Learn the simplest and most effective way to build trust and safety in your professional relationships.
  • Master 5 foolproof methods to win friends, influence people, and make huge deposits in other people's Validation Accounts.

Relationship Blueprints

Why do we seem to create the same relationships over and over again? Because we're building our relationships from the same blueprints. Using the Professional Relationship Workbook, you will discover the contents of your Male Authority Blueprint (that governs how you relate to male authority figures) and your Female Authority Blueprint (that governs how you relate to female authority figures).

Successful Team Building

Building a successful team requires an appreciation, if not a complete understanding of the principles of group dynamics. Not only do the members of the team have a relationship to the team as a whole, but each team member also has an individual relationship with each other member of the team.

  • Learn how to create accountability without blame.
  • Master the secrets of holding effective and productive meetings.
  • Discover the real reason that meetings get out of control, and learn how to keep your meetings on track.
  • This type of meeting is one of the most powerful tools for improving quality and efficiency in the workplace—and yet few companies will ever hold one. Learn how to overcome your fears and reap the benefits of this invaluable tool.

How to Improve Every Relationship in Your Life

  • Discover the 6 simple steps that are absolutely guaranteed to improve every relationship in your life.
  • Troubleshooting: what to do if your relationships do not improve.
  • Learn how to create and implement new scripts in your relationships to ensure that your needs are met!

The Professional Relationship Workbook: Your Tool for Workplace Transformation

Every participant in the Professional Relationship Workshop will receive a copy of the Professional Relationship Workbook: The Secrets of Successful Team Building. During the workshop, you and your team will use the exercises in the Professional Relationship Workbook to discover your hidden relationship needs and expectations. The tools in the workbook will allow you to master the skills you learn during the workshop and transform the dynamic of your workplace from an unconsciously competitive environment to a consciously cooperative one.

The Professional Relationship Workbook will ensure that your team has the resources and support to integrate the skills they learn during the workshop. This creates lasting results. You will continue to experience the benefits of the Professional Relationship Workshop long after you've completed the program.

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, the Professional Relationship Workshop: The Secrets of Successful Team Building is the smartest investment you can make in the success and prosperity of your company. Start experiencing the benefits of greater productivity, increased employee retention, improved morale, and decreased workplace conflict today!

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