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When we think of the primary relationships in our lives, most of us include our romantic partner, our children, our families, and our friends. These relationships are certainly important to us. They provide the strongest emotional and spiritual connections in our lives. But if we define our primary relationships as the relationships where we invest the greatest amount of our time and attention, then for most of us, our primary relationships are our professional relationships—our relationships at work. We usually spend at least 40 hours a week at work, and many of us spend more time than that. The majority of our waking hours, in fact, is often spent in our professional relationships. When our professional relationships are not meeting our needs, this creates challenges in our personal relationships as well.

So, ask yourself: “How are your professional relationships?”
Is your job your dream...or your nightmare?

Are you being paid what you’re worth, recognized for your contributions, and respected by your co-workers and superiors? Or are you struggling to make ends meet and always fighting for a sense of job security?

Now, imagine what it would feel like if you actually looked forward to going into the office every morning...if you experienced a truly cooperative team environment with co-workers you respect and admire (and who respect and admire you)...if your boss actually recognized how essential you are to the success of the company—and made sure that your salary reflected how invaluable you are...imagine how it would feel if you ended each day with more energy and excitement than you had when you arrived at work. Now, imagine if you could learn how to make this your reality with one, practical and powerful workshop…

Discover the secrets of how to love the job you’re in, and create the job you love! In this workshop you will…

  • Discover why you should be more concerned with improving your professional relationships than any other relationships in your life.

  • Learn the shocking truth about workplace relationships (you’ll never look at your boss the same way again)—and use this secret to jump-start your career!

  • Use this simple, 3-minute exercise to recharge your batteries, power-up, eliminate work-related stress, and actually begin to enjoy what you do for a living again!
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Kevin B. Burk can create a custom training program for your Team that will dramatically increase their effectiveness, while increasing job satisfacion, reducing absenteeism, and improving job retention.

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