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Why is it that our romantic relationships are so challenging? Why do so many of us spend so much time worrying about our romantic relationships? Why is it, in fact, that when we hear the word “relationship” not only do we assume it’s referring to a romantic or sexual relationship, but we also all picture the exact same relationship?

In this informative workshop, you will not only learn the answer to these questions, but you will also receive the tools you need to move from fear into love, accelarate your spiritual evolution, and improve every relationship in your life.

Whether you are currently single or in a romantic relationship, you can master this simple, practical system to create your IDEAL romantic relationship!

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Workshop topics include…

Human Relationships Part 1: Being Human

Before we can explore human relationships, we first have to explore what it means to be human—because most of us have forgotten our true natures. The truth is that we are eternal, multi-dimensional beings; we are whole, complete and perfect, and we are eternally connected to All That Is. We are also currently having a human experience on the planet Earth. If you’ve ever had to change planes in Atlanta, it’s kind of like that…

  • Discover the truth about what it means to be human.

  • Meet the ego and learn how to master it.

  • Revealed! The true nature of reality, and why it’s not nearly as real as you think it is.

  • Master three powerful steps that will alter any negative belief, eliminate any destructive behavior pattern and completely transform your reality.

  • Encounter the secret weapon of transformation—a tool so misunderstood that it can only be called the “F-word.”

Human Relationships Part 2: Relationships

What are relationships? Relationships are first and foremost ways in which we can learn our spiritual lessons in the most effective and efficient manner. This applies to all relationships—not just to romantic or sexual relationships. In every relationship we need the same two things: Safety and Validation. How we go about meeting these needs depends on which of the four languages we speak.

  • Discover the awesom power of the Universal Law of Relationships.

  • Would you rather get what you WANT in your relationships, or get what you NEED? There’s a big difference between the two. Find out what it is—and discover why the secret to true happiness and amazing relationships is NOT getting what you WANT…

Safety Needs

We rarely consider our safety needs in general, let alone in terms of our relationships. We take our safety for granted when we think about it at all. But, we’re about to see that our safety needs play a very important role in our lives and in our relationships.

  • The 4 things we believe we need in order to feel safe—and why we’re completely wrong about one of them.

  • Learn how we create attachments and addictions—and how to release them.

  • Discover which of the 4 safety checklist languages you speak—and which language your partners speak!

  • Use this 3-Minute Miracle to instantly banish the harmful effects of stress, maintain the balance in your safety account and take absolute control of your life! (This may be the single most powerful technique you will ever experience!)

Validation Needs

Validation needs have to do with defining and supporting our sense of individual identity. Validation needs encompass a wide range of emotions and experiences, all of which are essentially different degrees and expressions of love. “Love,” however, is a four-letter word that has very powerful and specific connotations for most of us. We can easily accept that in our romantic relationships we need to have our “love needs” met. But when we say that we need to have our “love needs” met in our professional relationships, it seems less appropriate—not to mention it could et us into a heap of trouble.

  • Explore the 6 categories of validation needs.

  • 3 foolproof ways to meet anyone’s validation needs (including your own).

  • One of the attendees at a weekend Relationship Workshop shared how early in his marriage, he used to surprise his wife with flowers several times a week—only he was the one who was surprised, because instead of feeling loved and appreciated, she would feel upset and frustrated because he was wasting money on flowers. This was a classic case of him speaking in one Validation Language, and her listening in another. This one secret completely transformed their relationship. Which of the 4 Validation languages do you speak?

The Challenge of Romantic Relationships

Why is it that our romantic relationships are so challenging? Why do so many of us spend so much time worrying about our romantic relationships? Why is it that when we hear the word “relationship” not only do we assume it’s referring to a romantic or sexual relationship, but we also all picture the exact same relationship?

  • Discover the 3 elements that define a romantic relationship for every one of us—whether we want them or not.

  • Learn why you must acknowledge your social conditioning before you can create the kinds of relationships you truly want.

  • Revealed: the 3 most damaging relationship myths and how to avoid them

The Marriage Blueprint

Why do we seem to create the same relationships over and over again? Because we’re building our relationships from the same blueprints. Using The Relationship Workbook, you will discover the contents of your Marriage Blueprint—the only model we have to create our romantic relationships.

  • Which of the 4 types of Marriage Blueprint has been controlling your relationships?

  • Learn how to redesign your Marriage Blueprint to build the relationship you want!

How to Design and Create Your Ideal Romantic Relationship

The skills and exercises in this portion of the workshop will help you to define and understand exactly what your ideal relationship looks like, and identify any obstacles that interfere with creating this relationship. Whether you are single and longing for a new romantic partner, or whether you are currently in a romantic relationship, these skills will show you how to get the most out of your romantic relationships.

  • Can we meet our needs? Learn why you must learn how to meet your needs on your own before you can create a supportive romantic relationship.

  • Bad Blueprints—why your fear of recreating your parents’ relationship may be keeping you from finding (and keeping) a romantic partner.

  • Learn the 4 questions you must explore before you can attract a romantic partner.
  • Discover how to release your old relationship patterns.

  • The Relationship Definition Talk: the secret to experiencing deeper commitment in your romantic relationships (and to making sure that you’re in the relationship that you think you’re in!).

  • Use this simple 5-step process to create your ideal romantic relationship, whether you want to attract a new partner or experience greater intimacy, love, communication and joy in with your current partner.

The Relationship Workbook: Your Tool For Transformation

Every participant in The Relationship Workshop will receive a copy of The Relationship Workbook: How to Design and Create Your Ideal Romantic Relationship (a $24.95 value!). During the weekend you will use the exercises in The Relationship Workbook to discover your hidden relationship needs and expectations. The tools in the workbook will allow you to master the skills you learn during the workshop and transform every relationship in your life—absolutely guaranteed!

Contact Kevin B. Burk and request a workshop today using this form, or call him directly at 619-807-2473.

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