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The Relationship Handbook author Kevin B. Burk gives great phone—and now, you can, too! Burk spent over 10 years working on the phones, in every type of telemarketing (outbound, inbound, business-to-business, residential, fund-raising), customer service and technical support. He got his start on the phones while in college, working part time for the annual fund, where he raised over $23,000 in less than 6 weeks. He spent four years telemarketing promoting sales training and motivational seminars to businesses, working with Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, and Jay Abraham. He quickly became the resident trainer, coaching other TSRs and CSRs, and writing a comprehensive training manual on telephone sales techniques.

There’s more to giving great phone than solving problems and making sales. Most telephone professionals can generate reasonably consistent results. The challenge is that telephone work is much harder than it seems. Telephone sales representatives, customer service and technical support professionals encounter more rejection, negativity and abuse on a daily basis than almost any other profession.
Burk says, “Working on the telephone all day can be grueling. Whether you’re in sales, customer service or technical support, the burn-out rate is tremendously high. But by applying a few simple techniques, you can actually end your shift with more energy and excitement than you had when you started it.

Here are just a few of the essential skills that will help you to give great phone! You will…

  • Learn the one thing you must do to avoid the pain of rejection.

  • Master the secret weapon that magically turns complaints into compliments.

  • Discover the one tool that you can not live without—the secret to giving great phone (and how you can get yours for about 89¢).

  • When to follow your script and when to ignore it completely.

  • Learn how to create instant rapport on the phone with anyone.

If you make your living working on the telephone, whether in sales, customer service or technical support, you owe it to yourself to learn how to give great phone!

Kevin B. Burk can create a custom training program for your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and Technical Support Representatives (TSRs) that will dramatically increase their effectiveness (and the satisfaction rate of your customers), while increasing job satisfacion, reducing absenteeism, and improving job retention.

Contact Kevin B. Burk and request a quote today using this form, or call him directly at 619-807-2473.

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