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Everyone in the world wants the same thing: happiness. We spend our lives seeking love, success, money, prosperity, fame and security because we believe that when we finally find that perfect relationship, or enough money, success or freedom, then we’ll be happy. But somehow, things rarely work out that way.

Here is the ultimate “Secret,” the simple principle that, when applied consistently, will guarantee true happiness, and the means and the freedom to enjoy it:

Choose the best-feeling thought currently available to you.

Of course, simple isn’t the same thing as easy. In this workshop, you will learn straightforward, practical techniques that will teach you to:

  • Unleash the full power of the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.

  • Step out of Victim Consciousness and reclaim your power.

  • Develop a personal, practical connection with your unique birth chart.

  • Transform your relationship with money and never worry about money again.

This workshop is available as a stand-alone event (approximately 2 hours) or as a part of a day-long or weekend workshop package.

Contact Kevin B. Burk and request a workshop today using this form, or call him directly at 619-807-2473.

Astrology & The Law of Attraction
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Astrology & The Law of Attraction
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Astrology & The Law of Attraction
Astrology Archetypes Set
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Astrology & The Law of Attraction
Essential Dignities Set
DVD 1, 5, 6 & 7: $89.95 + Shipping


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