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Relationships are the most important aspects of our lives. From the moment we arrive on Earth to the moment we depart, we experience relationships of all kinds with other individuals. Sometimes these relationships are supportive, and sometimes they present challenges. Some people seem to have a knack for maintaining strong and healthy relationships. The rest of us, however, wish we had some help.

In this informative workshop, you will receive the tools you need to use Astrology to understand and improve your relationships.

Learn the Universal Law of Relationships and discover the secret to improving every relationship in your life!


Evening Workshop: Introduction

Relationships: An Overview
Human relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. However, before we can consider our relationships, we first have to remember what it means to be human. We are eternal, multi-dimensional beings that are currently having a human experience. Because we are all connected and all a part of All That Is, all relationships are reflections and projections of our relationship with ourselves. In fact, the Universal Law of Relationships states that our partners are our mirrors: they reflect our own issues back to us. We are given an ego to help us navigate our human experience, and learning how to master the ego is the first step towards understanding and improving our relationships!

In the introduction, we will explore the dynamics of all human relationships. We will uncover our core needs in each relationship, and learn where to find these needs in the natal chart. We will discover the relationship blueprints that form the basis for all of our relationships, and we learn how to make more elegant and supportive choices that will improve every relationship in our lives. We will also explore why romantic relationships are so challenging for so many of us.

Finally, we will walk through a natal chart, uncovering and interpreting the core relationship patterns, demonstrating the techniques that will be covered in detail in the weekend workshop.

Saturday Topics

Using Classical Astrology to Create a Context for the Relationship
Relationships occur between two individuals and not between two charts. Before we can consider an individual’s relationship needs, we first need to learn how to create a context for understanding that individual. Using classical astrology and essential dignities, you will learn how to quickly identify the key themes and structures in any natal chart. This context can be used to create fully synthesized interpretations of relationship patterns and of all other areas of an individual’s chart.

Relationship Needs: The Moon and Venus
We have two fundamental needs in every relationship: safety and validation. We also have a series of checklists that tell us if our needs are being met. The Moon governs our safety needs, and Venus governs our validation (love and appreciation) needs. By interpreting the sign position of the Moon and Venus, we can identify the kinds of things that will make us feel safe and loved, and discover the specific items on our Safety Checklists and our Validation Checklists for each of our relationships.

Can We Meet Our Needs?
How easily can we meet our needs? Is it possible for us to feel safe and loved at the same time? (Evaluate the relationship between the Moon and Venus to find out.) Aspects from the outer planets can present obstacles to meeting our needs. Saturn aspects can create checklists from hell making it difficult for us to feel safe or loved; Uranus aspects can create issues with abandonment and rejection; Neptune aspects can create bad boundaries; and Pluto aspects can create issues with power, control, manipulation and abuse.

Relationship Wants
The Moon and Venus show us what we need in relationships. However, what we need and what we want may be two different things. To understand what we want in relationships, we look to the Descendant (what we consciously desire) and the Vertex (what we unconsciously desire).

The Marriage Blueprint
Our parents’ relationship forms the basis for our expectations in our romantic relationships. What matters is not the actual relationship, but our experience of our parent’s relationship. Using the classical house rulers, we will explore the relationship between the ruler of the 4th house (father) and the ruler of the 10th house (mother).

Sunday Topics

Friends, Lovers or Spouses?
Next, we’ll explore the relationship houses in the natal chart: the 5th house (lovers), the 7th house (spouses), and the 11th house (friends). Each house relates to a specific kind of relationship, and the relationship between the rulers of the houses will show how easily we can move between the different types of relationships. Can we stay friends with our former spouses? Can we take a casual affair and make it more serious? Or do our relationships tend to stay in their original houses?

Evaluating Compatibility
Once we’ve identified the core relationship needs, wants, and patterns in a natal chart, we can begin to compare it with other charts to evaluate compatibility. We first look at the overall energetic connections between the two charts, comparing the relationships between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant of each chart. Next, we compare each person’s Safety and Validation needs. Do they want the same things? Or will they need to learn to speak each other’s languages in order to meet each other’s needs in the relationship? Finally, we will address the synastry aspects between the two charts, addressing the personal connections, the karmic connections, and the generational connections between the two individuals.

The Astrological Relationship Workbook: Your Personal Guide to Relationship Astrology
Each participant in the workshop will receive a copy of the Astrological Relationship Workbook (retail price $37.95). The Astrological Relationship Workbook contains all of the celebrity charts and chart worksheets that will be discussed in the workshop, as well as additional charts and worksheets for further practice. But what makes the Astrological Relationship Workbook totally unique is that it not only helps you to learn the skills and techniques of relationship astrology and provides you with a framework to create your own, written, synthesized interpretations, but it also allows you to check your interpretations! The appendix contains the “answers” to each of the relationship charts in the workbook: Kevin B. Burk’s own interpretations that point out the key considerations for each individual and couple.

Contact Kevin B. Burk and request a workshop today using this form, or call him directly at 619-807-2473.

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